The Maltese Poodle

Although not everyone is a pet lover by nature, but somewhere and some time in our lives we need a space filled in our hearts. Normally for the older folk a small lapdog is what they want, something to pat or feel comfortable with, just as if they had baby to preoccupy themselves with. In most cases pets are used as companions more than what their actual purpose is, which is to protect and be on guard. So for many elderly people who are bound to a small space this size pet would be the better choice.

Protecting The Territory

The Maltese poodle is so full of life at first as a puppy, and looks so cute and cuddly with its body camouflaged behind this ball of fluff. For some the Maltese poodle may not be the perfect pet as they tend to stay boisterous for quite some time, and for the older folk, they just want them for company.

Unfortunately the Maltese poodle may seem to be the ideal pet for the elderly, but soon after that puppy breath has gone and the traits of the pet has formed, they may not be the most loving pet you originally wished for around you. The mischief will continue until the teething is finished and if there is no stimulation of any sort around, but the Maltese poodle may seem small but can get very territorial after a while. Yes, your guests may have this yapper of a pet charging for their ankles every time they set foot into your home, but at least you know your Maltese poodle is trying to protect its territory.

Some people see the Maltese poodle as this conveniently sized bundle of fur, that when stepped on hard enough might just make the perfect slipper when it starts to irritate them. We know that is just one of the thoughts that run through the minds of those who don’t normally have pets of the four legged kind. Yes, they can be a major irritation with yapping continuously at things they cant see or get to, but we do know for sure that if there are other dogs on the premises of a bigger size you are guaranteed that the Maltese poodle will be the instigator for chaos once it starts yapping its head off.

Pets Fill A Specific Need

Not every dog lover loves large dogs. So they do tend to choose a dog that either suites their own personal ego or personality, or for the size to make them look more visible to strangers or for what they are capable of. These are not the only reasons why some people choose the smaller Maltese poodle over the Rottweiler as their pets. They will all do the same; whatever the owner wants and allows them to do.

Yes, if you don’t own the largest of homes you can accommodate the little Maltese poodle in your home. They don’t need hundreds of acres to exhaust them from energy that needs to go somewhere; they do eventually get exhausted from just bouncing around all day as soon as someone gives them attention.

Even if you do own a Maltese poodle, with some other larger varieties, they tend to think they are the same size as the others, and will try some of the same things as the others. Unfortunately they are a lot more fragile than the larger breeds of dogs and often suffer from injuries when playing or tackling with larger breeds.

Another point to remember is that every variety of pet has their own problems. While the majority ofMaltese poodles may be white in color, this is not always a good thing if the pet is outdoors continually in the sun. We know that the Maltese poodle is such a busy character as it is as a puppy that it does need the stimulation of being outside and getting into mischief. Special care needs to be taken when it comes to the smaller breeds of dogs, they are even more sensitive to change and products used on their coats. And with the majority of Maltese poodles you find which are white in color, they tend to suffer with skin problems more than the darker shades of pets. Unfortunately their skins are so sensitive to even light, that skin cancer is a major problem for any white coated pet.

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